Q:What are the benefits of hair straightening brush?
A:1.Preserves natural moisture– One of the most significant features that give a straight hair brush an edge over flat ironing is its ability to preserve the natural moisture of your hair. When you use a flat iron to straighten your hair, it is very likely to steal away the moisture from your hair.
2.Less damage - While ironing, your strands aren't clamped between two hot plates. Therefore, the straightener brush can’t be harmful to your hair if you decide to style your locks day by day. This will not lead to a lack of luster and an unhealthy appearance of your hair.
3.Convenient to use- Think of it as a comb, and this hot brush straightener will straighten unruly hair in only 5 minutes! We recommend you use the hot straightener brush with argan oil that will leave you and your hair feeling fresh, youthful.
4.Keeps the intact volume of the hair– If you prefer to style your hair and keeping its natural volume intact, you must go for a straightening brush instead of a flat iron. Ironing will give your hair a flattened look, taking away its naturally rich volume and shine.

Q:Does this hair straightening brush works for curly, frizzy hair?
A:Yes absolutely! I have really frizzy curly myself and I easily can get pin straight hair. And also what's great about this straightener is that you don't have to use the highest heat setting to get great results.

Q:Does it have an automatic shut off?
A:Yes, after 60 minutes working, it will be switched off automatically.

Q:Will this work outside the US?
A:Yes, It has a worldwide dual voltage of 110v-220v. It is the best choice for traveling.

Q:If my hair straightening brush is broken or doesn't work, can I return my flat iron hair straightener for free?
A:Yes, please don’t worry. All FURIDEN product offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and 18-months warranty.