Frank, the owner of FURIDEN, he met his wife Christine in the university campus 7 years ago, any relationship will cool down the passion over time, but it seems that this did not happen to them.
“The most attractive place for Christine is the change of styles, which seems to always keep our love fresh,” Frank said.
Every woman has a heart that pursues beauty, but at that time, hair straighteners and curling irons are not popular yet, so many times Christine has to go to the salon often in order to maintain her pursuit of beauty, which could be A lot of expenses during the student period.
Frank's major of university is Product Design, the first contact with hair straightener was in the summer of 2013. He was going to go out for an internship and saw a job advertisement from a hair straightener factory on the Internet. He did not hesitate to sent out his resume and started an internship at that company.Here he met the company's owner Albert, during the period, he designed several popular products for the company and finally sold successfully. Christine can finally use hair straighteners and curling irons designed by Frank. Two months later, Frank returned to school, it did not stop his enthusiasm for beauty products but still using his spare time to continue to make new designs for Albert.
As a Virgo, Frank has a persistent pursuit of his work. Many new designs failed to be listed just because the final product structure failed to reach Frank's ideal state.Albert Said.
In 2017, after Frank completed his studies, he founded Fulin Technology Co. Ltd. and created the brand FURIDEN began to sell his own designed products on different e-commerce platforms to the world, developed to date, FURIDEN products have become increasingly popular.