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FURIDEN Muses - Professional titanium hair straightener designed for all hair types and all hair length with rotating adjustable temperature and 20 heat settings. This 2 in 1 curling and straightening iron creates curls, waves and straight styles in a matter of minutes! 
FURIDEN Guarantees
  • Rotating temperature control with 20 temperature settings (250°F to 450°F)
  • Professional titanium floating plates with built-in negative ion projector
  • Curved edges and rounded barrels for 2 in 1 versatile styling
  • Professional titanium heaters heats up quickly in 15s
  • Dual voltage: accepts both 110-120V and 220-240V 
  • 60 minutes auto-off and safety lock
  • 250mm cable, 360°swivel power cord
  • 2 in 1 Titanium hair straightener - FURIDEN Muses
  • Professional styling comb
  • 18-months warranty
  • 100-days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping - 2-6 business days fast shipping

* The default charging plug of this product is US plug, if you order from other countries, you may need a plug adapter.

Q:What are the benefits of titanium plates?
A:1.Fastest heat transfer for immediate and superior results, regardless of the hair’s condition.
2.Titanium also offers very even heat distribution, meaning more overall straightening surface and fewer passes over your hair.
3.They are very scratch resistant and exceptionally durable especially under high heat.

Q:How do you curl your hair with this hair straightener?
A:Grab the piece of hair you wish to curl and give it a quick brush through to remove any remaining tangles. Clamp the hair straightener around the hair and give it a half turn so that your hair is in a U-shape. Hold the hair straightener in this position as you move it down the hair shaft, right to the ends.
You can also learn more about pro curling ways in our teaching manual and the video tutorial.

Q:Does it work well on very thick hair?
A:Yes, of course! FURIDEN hair straightener have different heat settings, so it’s suitable for all hair types. For your thick hair, we suggest that you set the temperature between 370 and 450 degrees.

Q:Does this straightener works for curly, frizzy hair?
A:Yes absolutely! I have really frizzy curly myself and I easily can get pin straight hair. And also what's great about this straightener is that you don't have to use the highest heat setting to get great results.

Q:My hair is naturally delicate and fine. What heat setting is right for my hair?
A:1.If your hair is naturally delicate and fine, you need to treat it like precious silk. This is doubly true if your hair has become ultra-fragile due to processing. Whether you’ve bleached, relaxed, or permed your mane, you need to treat it with extra care.
When you're styling fine, processed hair with heat, 350°F/175°C is a safe bet. Anything over 370°F/190°C is going to cause serious damage to your hair.
2.If your hair is ultra-dense, curly, or thick, you need a lot of heat to penetrate it. Start out by styling at 450°F/ 232°C. Once you get your hair styled, reduce the heat to 370°F/ 187°C.

Q:Does it have an automatic shut off?
A:Yes, after 60 minutes working, it will be switched off automatically.

Q:Will this work outside the US?
A:Yes, It has a worldwide dual voltage of 110v-220v. It is the best choice for traveling.

Q:If my flat iron hair straightener is broken or doesn't work, can I return my flat iron hair straightener for free?
A:Yes, please don’t worry. All FURIDEN product offers a 100-day money-back guarantee and 18-months warranty. 

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